a mavenly online guided coaching experience
Finding a fulfilling career is tough. We know most young professional women struggle with the same things.
• Lacking clear sense of their career trajectory
• Feeling burnt out and overwhelmed consistently at work
• Considering too many potential career options
• Trying countless jobs without finding a good fit
• Undervaluing themselves and their skills
• Not feeling in control of the future of their career path
The truth is that designing your career path takes work, and we want to help you go from overwhelm and confusion to clarity and control. We’ve spent the last three years providing women like you with the tools and resources they need to get what they want: a fulfilling career and intentional life.
Together, we’ll take you back to basics so you can reevaluate the direction of your path, align with your core values, and create a strategic plan to move forward.
We know you can find your fair share of online quizzes, Buzzfeed listicles, networking events, and advice from Mom and Dad, but the reality is that there is no quick fix. That’s why we’ve intentionally designed an experience built on the foundation of what we know actually works. 
Welcome to Career Clarity, a month-long experience that takes a holistic approach to career development. This four-week program gives you both the flexibility to learn on your own with guided audio lessons, and the structure to hold you accountable with check-in coaching calls, all while being easily accessible, affordable and, most importantly, actionable.
• A step-by-step written and audio recorded guide through our full Career Clarity curriculum
• 20+ resources and tools designed by the Mavenly + Co. team for professional development
• 10+ audio lessons with prompts and reflections for each lesson
• 15+ bonus tools including negotiation tactics, interview preparation, networking tips, canned introduction emails, and more
• Three check-in coaching calls with a certified Mavenly + Co. career coach 
• Access to our private Mavenly + Co. participant community for participants to share tips, advice, and feedback
• Two complimentary tickets to our Women, Work, and Worth one-day conference in July in Atlanta, GA
Perhaps you are feeling unsure of your next step professionally, searching for ways to feel more fulfilled in your work, stepping into a new role, or looking to make a career transition. Whatever the case, this program is for you if you identify with one of the following:
• You have a hard time asking for what you want and need in both your work and life
• You are currently on a career trajectory that lacks fulfillment
• You have an endless list of options and are having trouble making a decision
• You are stepping into a new role and want to optimize your strengths to lead with confidence
• You landed your dream job and realize it's not what you truly want anymore
• You want to stay in your current job by making adjustments to feel more engaged (and get a promotion!)
• You feel like life is happening to you without a sense of control
• You feel stuck in a place of fear and find it hard to take action
• You are interested in exploring entrepreneurship or a side hustle and want to know where to start
• You have no clue what you're interested in but you want to find out
• You are all too familiar with the "Quarter-Life Crisis" and you are done with it
It's also important to know who is NOT right for this experience. This experience is not for you if:
• You are looking for a quick fix, easy win, or someone to tell you what to do without taking action
• You are of the mindset that "a job is just a job" and you aren't seeking fulfillment from your work
• You are not interested in making changes or having challenging conversations to take ownership of your decisions and career
• You prioritize comfort over pursuing a new opportunity and are willing to settle for anything less than what you deserve
"Through this program I truly learned a lot about myself and was able to create concrete goals to pave the path for a more fulfilling personal life and career. The Mavenly team was incredibly knowledgeable, understanding, and inspiring. Because of this program I have a new source of energy and hope and I’ve already read through my workbook at least a dozen times! I would recommend it to anyone in a heartbeat."

Laura W., Lawyer

"I can say with complete confidence that working through this program with the Mavenly team has still been one of the best decisions of my life. After taking this course a year ago, I decided to become an entrepreneur full-time. I would not change it for the world! Thank you, Mavenly, for everything you do."

Samantha L., Entrepreneur

"This program was the best investment I could have made in my career at this time. I truly appreciated the one-on-one conversations and the opportunity to really dig deep by looking at my values, strengths, and priorities to design my work with purpose. I feel that the course gave me the tools I need to make decisions in work and life confidently, without apologizing for being true to my authentic self."

Nicole K., Graphic Designer

Hi! We're Kate and Tallia - co-founders of Mavenly + Co. and the creators behind Career Clarity. Over the past three years, we have worked with over 6,500+ women in more than 30 organizations across the U.S. and Canada. As millennial women ourselves, we've learned through our work at Mavenly + Co. that young women are looking for a combination of autonomy and support to guide them on their career path.
After years of speaking, workshops, and coaching , we are determined to make our content available to more women and more places to ensure all professional women have access to the tools, information, and resources they need to design a career that feels right. 
We've merged our backgrounds in the corporate business world and academic research, which means our approach speaks to real-world application while being grounded in principles of positive  psychology. This provides you with a holistic approach to your career that is actionable and informed. 
We hope you enjoy our experience as much as we enjoying creating it for you.
If you have any questions, let us know here. When you're ready for career clarity, we'd love for you to join us.